#InCaseYouMissedIt: November Wrap Up

02 December 2014

I've been blogging for months now and this is the first time that I'll be doing a monthly wrap-up post, so bear with me.

So, we've gone through Halloween and Thanksgiving (A belated Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate, we don't though) and now...IT'S DECEMBER!!! Do you smell Christmas in the air? Well, I do -- well, sorta. I'm pretty sure it's already snowing so darn hard in other parts of the world. I'm kinda jelly. It doesn't snow here in the Philippines because it's a tropical country. But then I wouldn't exactly want to live in a country where it snows heavily. Perhaps a day with snow fall would be great with me... because I surely won't survive the whole winter.

November was somehow an active month for me, I had a couple of tours and reviews posted, compared to October in which I just had 11 posts. Anyway, time to quit the dilly-dallying and moving on!

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by Megan D. Martin

Reading about Filthy was literally insane. It screamed pure dysfunction in the life of the main character, Faye, a nineteen year old prostitute and a drug addict... and surprisingly, I enjoyed it the whole read. It's not for the faint of heart, and it's features mature content, so, read at your own risk. 

I've recently received an ARC for the 4th installment and I am so excited to read it, because this serial has got me hooked. Every book ends with an excruciatingly awesome cliffhanger that makes you want to get your hands on the next book pronto. 

by Lauren Blakely

The ARC I received for this included the prequel, A Starstruck Kiss, although you can get it free from Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It's a must read before you head on to this one because you're going to be missing a whole lot of their blooming love affair. 

I enjoyed this read so much, because of the chemistry of the main characters, Jess and Will. They were beautiful together, and literally my relationship goal in the future. Oh, and did I mention that Will is British? 

by Shannyn Schroeder

This book kind of unleashed my inner geek, with the main characters Charlie and Jonah being hardcore gamers and code hackers. It was a cute and flirty read, but it was quite over the top, which didn't do well for me, but reading further, it turned out to be okay.

It's the second of a Shannyn Schroeder's Hot & Nerdy series, and I haven't read the other two books yet, but I'm looking forward to soon. 

by Sara Donovan

Crushing on someone? Can't get the out of your head, but you know you should, because you guys will never be together? So the solution is to divert your infatuation to someone else and fall in love with number two. This book is pure hilarity and insanely genius when it comes to the big CRUSH. This read plays a bit on the neuroscience of love, and I adore psychology related matter, which is why I enjoyed this, but it's also really funny and made me giggle althroughout. And who can resist a really cute cover like that? I knew the moment I saw it that I had to get my hands on this read. 

by Dyann Love Barr

Cooking and murder mysteries and sex mashed together in one book? This is it. It's funny. It's sexy. And it's crazy. This book is a hilarious combination of all three, creating an awesome read that I devoured in one sitting. I enjoyed the lead characters pretty much and the wild goose chase the author created for the characters and the audience to get hooked into finding the culprit at the end. It wasn't dragging because the romance portion kept the flame to the read, and the ending was quite... tricky. 

by Kelsie Leverich

A month is never complete without a Brazen Imprint read... and I am so hooked to these books. Brazen Imprints are romance ebooks published by Entangled Publishing and they publish amazing stories, and this is definitely one of them. This read turned out to be quite emotional for me, but nonetheless, the romance was still beautiful and amazing coming from the line of second chance romance, I couldn't put this book down.

by Veronica Larsen

This review was written for a book tour, days before it had been officially released... and the release date was actually yesterday! December 1st, 2014! I very much enjoyed this read. It was beautifully written, and soulful, and the author had based a few quotes from my favorite poets, Christopher Poindexter and R.M. Drake. The characters were beautiful as well, two broken people with unbreakable walls trying to find solace with each other. And not only is it quite emotional, it's also very sexy. 





Welp, pardon my really long wrap up, it's the first time for me to make one. 
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Much love,


  1. I tried to do a wrap up last month, but I got sooooo lazy lmao. Maybe I'll do one for next month so I can get into the habit of doing them every month. I just love how you included EVERYTHING! Most bloggers usually just stick to the books they've read, but you added in some "extras" with the meme's and such. This is a great idea, especially to generate more traffic to posts readers may have missed. Good thinking girl lol. I want to read that damn Love by Numbers book! Everytime I see it the cover just keeps calling my name lmao

    1. Thank you! I forgot to add in the cover reveals though, I'll have to make sure I include that in the next wrap up... and hopefully, I don't get lazy too, lol.

  2. Ugh. Snow. Don't remind me. I live in Canada where winter is the way of life. I miss spending Christmas back home (Philippines, I was born there), and New Year's. Especially New Year's. Anyway, thanks for following my blog. Looking forward to reading your posts. :)

    1. Thank you for following back too! I'm stoked you're from the Philippines too! I hear it snows real harsh in Canada, I've seen photos too. Anyway, I'm excited to read more of your posts and see more of your photography too! :D

  3. I want to start doing monthly wrap ups on my blog now that I'm back in action!

    1. Me too, I'm going to make it a point to do it every month :D


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