Blessie is a queer 20-something pseudo-adult from the Philippines whose pronouns are she/her. A consistent INFP for over eight years, she is also a bit of a recluse but can be incredibly talkative whenever she's with people she's comfortable with. On top of being an INFP, she's also a Libra (yes, my whole being really screams 'mediator'). 

She's a sucker for contemporary romance novels, iced coffee, and cats. Aside from romance, her other favourite genres are literary fiction, mystery/thriller, and historical fiction. Whenever she's not busy with her day job, not only does she read but she also likes to build jigsaw puzzles while listening to audiobooks and podcasts. 

She has five CHONKY cats (Lucy, Una, Gigi, Lulu, and Dusk), a bachelor's degree in Communication (but literally doesn't know how to communicate), and an obsession with the color purple. 


Mischievous Reads is Blessie's brainchild which she created in mid-2014 — supposedly a pet project to keep her engaged during her gap year after graduating from university. This blog started off as a book blog for strictly romance reads, but obviously, maturity also comes with upscaling bookish tastes.

While this blog is mainly about books and has also undergone several revamps, this is also Blessie's safe space where she hopes to discuss whatever comes into her mind so there's no leaving this site, ever. Everyone is welcome to chat!