BOOK REVIEW: What Lies Between by Charlena Miller

06 March 2015

What Lies Between
by Charlena Miller
Published by Red Bicycle Press on February 28th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC (370 pages)
Source: Author

Set in modern-day Scotland and laced with adventure, romance, and hope, What Lies Between reminds us that love and belonging are often discovered in the most unexpected places. 

Trust has never come easily to Ellie Jameson. A broken past taught her that self-reliance is the only option—no one sticks around for the long haul. When a fateful letter arrives with news of an unexpected inheritance, she sees a silver lining in the tragedy that seems to follow her. Anxious to leave American city life for the rugged Scottish Highlands, she sets off to claim her fate in a whirlwind of determination. Captivated by the land of stunning lochs, fiery whisky, and a particularly charming Highland local, it seems things may finally be turning around . . .

But nothing could have prepared Ellie for what awaits at the Glenbroch estate, where she soon discovers very little is as it seems. The rugged, romantic Highlands harbor old secrets and vengeful enemies, entangling her in a web of lies and betrayal. As the line between ally and enemy blurs, Ellie is in danger of forfeiting her inheritance—as well as her heart.

It's not everyday that I come across a debut novel that I have taken a liking to, most especially if it's an author request, but I have been really glad to be given the opportunity to read What Lies Between. I didn't expect much from this book, but I was taken aback with how great this book actually appeared to be. Also, look at that gorgeous cover! 

After receiving a letter stating that her biological father -- who never acknowledged her as his daughter -- had passed away and had left her as inheritor of Scottish land, Ellie Jameson decides to leave her American life to move to the land of brave, in hopes of finally finding "home". However, her arrival to the manor isn't exactly completely pleasant. Although she has made friends with most of the people, there are some who don't appreciate the idea of an American woman running the estate, thus her ownership becomes threatened, and it's up to her to save it and keep it under the family name where it rightfully belongs. 

I'm not big on travel, but I've gone to a few foreign countries when I was younger, although, when given the chance, I would definitely grab a travel opportunity. Reading What Lies Between made me feel as if I was in Scotland. Miller really did her research on the land of the brave. I wouldn't say that everything was spot on, since I'm not exactly overly familiar to the location she used, but the novel was written well enough for me to seem as if I was also there, and that this book is written in first person, is also a major plus.

What Lies Between is a great book, although it appeared lengthy the first few chapters because of it's descriptive manner, the pace did pick up eventually. This book sucked me in and kept me very much intrigued. Miller's take on the characters were different and very realistic. Ellie was a great protagonist; strong willed and very much down to earth, and I enjoyed reading from her point of view. The rest of the characters were very well rounded into the story. In addition to that, Miller also had a couple of tricks up her sleeve. There were a couple of twists and turns that got me invested into the story and alert on every character.

This book is absolutely worth reading, and it'll keep you on your toes, every turn of a page.


  1. Don't you love it when you find a gem like this one? It's been a while for me. :) I love books that take me to places I can only dream of going. Sigh.

    1. I know right? It's so hard to come across a great read like this. Charlena Miller really is a great writer! You'll love this one! :)

  2. Ellie does sound like a wonderful protagonist, I think I might be able to like her. Beautiful review! Thank you for sharing a wonderful read x Benish| Feminist Reflections

    1. Thank you, Benish! I really enjoyed reading about Ellie. I'm sure you will too! :)

  3. We had a lot in common with our opinions on this book! I wholeheartedly agree about its ability to take you to another place.

    1. Oh yay! I'm glad we saw stuff the same! Gonna check out your review too! :D

  4. That cover would have been what made me wanna read this. It looks spectacular! Might have to pick this one up too, even if it is slow to start with. :) I love reading books set in Scotland, home of sexy men in kilts ;)


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