BOOK REVIEW: Ask Me Nicely by Amy Andrews + Giveaway!

05 March 2015

Ask Me Nicely 
by Amy Andrews (Goodreads, Website, Twitter)
Published by Entangled: Brazen on March 3rd, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Format: eARC (263 pages)
Source: Publisher
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She craves what only he can give her. But he's not giving in without a fight...

Veterinarian Sal Kennedy's lost her mojo and is desperate to get it back. In fact, as the anniversary of the tragedy that destroyed her life looms large, she'll do anything to erase the painful memories, including overdoing the tequila and making a pass at the most annoyingly inappropriate man on the planet. Fellow veterinarian Doyle Jackson is her flatmate and her employee and therefore strictly off-limits. Unfortunately, Doyle knows how to bring the goods and make her mojo sit up and beg. Doyle is only too happy to oblige Sal in her hour of need, but then she demands more, and she's perfectly happy playing dirty to get it. He wants more, too—more than just sex, that is, and it's something Sal's not willing to give. But Doyle is in this for the long haul now, and he's prepared to fight even dirtier to get what he wants. Even if that means they both keep losing all their clothes in the process…

With Sally having been introduced in the first book as the sassy, no shit taker veterinarian sister, I've already enjoyed her character then, thus I assumed I was going to enjoy her character more. I was right. She was fiestier, sassier and took no more shit from anyone. 

With Josie and Mack (The characters from the first book, No More Mr. Nice Guy, which I would definitely say was a smoking hot book) now living their couple life in London, Sally is left behind to man the veterinary clinic, along with a couple of employees, and the new temp vet, Doyle Jackson, who also turns out to be a total hottie with a magnificent set of muscles and washboard abs, and is currently lodging in Sal's apartment as part of his employee contract.

What I didn't expect when reading about Sal was her depressing past, which had led to her current broken self, and I also didn't expect her main reason for wanting to have sex with Doyle to be quite shallow -- not being able to reach an orgasm with her dates, but was successful with Doyle with a little humping action during her drunken state. But Doyle knows there's more to Sal than just her wanton self, and he wants more of her. However, Sal doesn't want more than being friends with benefits. 

No matter how I enjoyed Sal's sassiness and her wanton self, she came off as quite annoying for constantly pushing Doyle away due to her indenial towards their attraction for each other, although that was only at the beginning because when she finally saw the light, I gradually felt ease. But the character I enjoyed more was Doyle. He was the perfect hero; handsome, sexy, smart and loves animals. Who doesn't want a guy like that? Sign me up for a Doyle Jackson!

And let me not get started with all the sexy scenes going on with this book because every turn of a page is absolutely explosive and definitely one of the hottest Brazens I've ever read. Amy Andrews has caught my attention with the steamy sex in the first book, No More Mr. Nice Guy, but this book is definitely chart topping hot!

I'm hoping to read more of Amy Andrews' -- Gemma's book, perhaps, as she is one of my favorite side characters in this book -- and looking forward to another sexy novel by her. 

If you're a Brazen addict, you definitely shouldn't miss out on this one, because this is jaw dropping hot with the right amount of romantic drama. 



  1. I like how the character Doyle sounds, happy to hear you enjoyed reading this novel! Lovely review<3 Benish | Feminist Reflections

    1. Oh, yes. Doyle is the dream guy, lol. Thanks, Benish! xx

  2. I love how Sally is sounding ~ I'm a fan of sassy characters myself. I'd probably be just as irritated with her pushing doyle away as you seem to be. I'm gonna try the first book to see how it goes, and then we'll see. :) Thanks for sharing your lovely review!

    1. Sassy characters make great books, lol. I enjoyed the first book. You'll probably like it too! Thanks for dropping by, Sarah! :)


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