BOOK REVIEW: Marine For Hire by Tawna Fenske

20 September 2014

Title: Marine For Hire (Front And Center #1)
Author: Tawna Fenske
Genre: Contemporary, Romance, Humor
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Date Published: February 3, 2014
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The last thing Sam Kercher expected was to be a manny (male nanny) for a single mother with bouncing twin babies. He's a marine from head to toe, so changing diapers aren't probably the hardest thing to do. Sheridan just got out of a nasty divorce and she's sworn off military men. It's up to Sam to keep his identity hidden, be Sheridan's bodyguard and juggle two little bouncing baby boys all at once. Piece of cake, right?

WARNING: Drinking of beverages while reading the book is unadvised. 

Tawna Fenske is the queen of romance comedy, I swear. I've read a couple of books by her and I always end up spitting a drink or trying to wipe tears off my eyes. The first book I've read of her was Frisky Business, you can find my review of it here. And fairly recently, Ms. Fenske just tied the knot with her "Gentleman friend"! A big congratulations to the couple!

Marine For Hire is definitely one of the best romance comedy I've ever read. It's pretty much a quick read, almost 200 pages, but despite how short it seems, it's such a worth it read. At least this time I didn't burn my tongue just like what happened when I drank hot chocolate while reading a previous work from her. 

Sam Kercher is a full blooded marine, but he's currently on hold and is off the tour for some time. When his old friend Mac Patton provides a request he can't reject out of the code of honor, he suddenly finds himself convincing Mac's newly divorced sister with infant twin boys that he works as a manny (male nanny). And boy did he ever remember Mac's sister back in college looking all hot... but she's off limits

"You can't be serious," she said, her face registering the fact that she'd caught on to what Mac was driving at. "You hired Beefcake here as my nanny?" She looked at Sam, then flushed. "No offense. I'm sure you're very nice."

"On occasion," Sam said, and took another step forward. "It's Sam, actually, but we can go with Mr. Beefcake if that's more comfortable."

Now, who can resist such hotness when Sheridan lays her eyes upon this gorgeous beefcake standing next to her brother saying that he's the new nanny. Oh, and let's not forget the fact that he can even change diapers better than she can! But when she's already sworn off military men, having come from a military home and even getting married to her military ex-husband who cheated on her with a stripper. So, no. Military men? She ain't touching that. No Sir-ee. But she's totally convinced Sam isn't military with the way he handled her kids; he's basically just a hot hunk of deliciousness. If he can calm her screeching and squealing twin boys down better than she can, then why not?

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Aren't they so cute?!!! I'm in love with the twins. Like seriously.

I love the way this book targets the crazy side of parenthood, especially with infants and toddlers. The diaper changing, teething, lots and lots of crying. There's barely any rest of the parents! Sheridan thinks she's a lousy mother, because she seriously can't handle the twins with all the crying and she can't even tell Jackson and Jeffrey apart at one glance; she still needs to look at a birthmark to know who's who. She often compares herself with "normal" mothers, because she thinks she's not doing things right. And Sam in the picture just made her life easy... when she doesn't know he's singing them the marine anthem as lullabies and making military references towards the babies.

Sam definitely made her life easy... a little too easy. Now she's got herself fantasizing about him and then she's Google-ing sexual harassment between employers and subordinates because she can't handle her libido, and so can't he. 

"And I'm especially glad your douchebag ex is gone." She frowned. "Was that too insensitive?"

"Please. I spent three years married to Captain Insensitive. At this point you could tell me to go fuck myself and I'd feel giddy someone's talking dirty to me.

The book is equally funny and sexy; romance in the right period and situation. Especially with someone as sexy as Sam, life is meant to be way sensual. The chemistry between them, not only in terms of sexual but as "parents" too is over the top. And he's just so sweet too. Why can't all guys be like Sam?

Everything about this book is just awesome for me. And I can't wait to read more of Tawna Fenske's books. I've also finished reading the next book to the series:

Fiancee For Hire
(Front And Center #2)