BOOK REVIEW: Save The Date! by Heather C. Myers

13 September 2014

Title: Save The Date
Author: Heather C. Myers
Genre(s): Romance, Contemporary, New Adult
Date Published: September 10, 2014
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Gemma Harrison's life is in danger and she doesn't know it. Her dad thinks it's time she gets a personal bodyguard under a fake marriage, and her fake fiance is none other than Agent Dixon Black, the guy she's always tried to escape from. 

*ARC courtesy of author in exchange for honest review*

I've read this story before when it was on FictionPress, and the author has made a couple of changes, but I'm still glad it stuck to the original story plot. This is the second published book I've read of Heather C. Myers, and with my fascination towards her writing style ever since FictionPress, I'm looking forward to reading more.

Everyone thinks Gemma Harrison is a spoiled brat, of course, being the daughter of a CIA VIP, but all she wants to do is get away from her father's overprotective antics. But after getting caught after another attempted escape, her father is certain for her need of a personal bodyguard under the pretense of a fake marriage. And when her fake fiance happens to be Code Blue with his piercing midnight blue eyes and stoic personality, she knows she's in trouble.

Agent Dixon Black is definitely the kind of guy that gets his job done properly, even if it meant he had to babysit a twenty year old Gemma and be her fake fiance, despite their huge age gap. He's unresponsive, cold and definitely not easy to amuse, but he suddenly finds himself smiling when it comes to Gemma.

I love everything about this book, from Gemma and Dixon's relationship, from bouncing between the lines of fascination and often times, dislike, especially with personality clashes. But despite that, these two had chemistry from the very beginning. Gemma's personality is often relatable, she's a character who's somewhat unpredictable at times, especially when she doesn't actually come off as a spoiled brat, but she turns out to be sensible towards things, especially personal beliefs. Also the fact that she likes to read a lot, and at the same time, be a weird fangirl of celebrities. Totally me. Hah! Meanwhile, Dixon's overprotective personality didn't turn out to be overbearing but actually sweet instead. Definitely, he was contradictory to Gemma but the duo turned out to be such a sweet paradox. Everything between them was actually predictable, with the duo trying to deny the feelings surging in them.

I also love almost all the characters in the book, mostly her parents, especially Gemma's mom. It's hilarious how Gemma's parents actually tended to get carried away with the wedding preparations despite being held under false pretenses. The wedding cake, the gown, the pre-nuptial photoshoot. If I didn't know any better, they actually wanted to matchmake the couple.

The ending turned out pretty great, my only complaint being it too short. It's only 175 pages long but a worth it read.

What I'm hoping for right now is a short sequel, or a novella perhaps on the aftermath of Gemma and Dixon's relationship. If Gillian, Gemma's best friend, could get her own book, that would seriously be great, although it seems this book is not part of a series.

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  1. This does seem like a good read! I would be so mad at my dad for making me fake a marriage lol. I'm so jealous that you can do a great short review. Why the hell are my reviews like college essays? I never intend for them to be so long, they just always come out that way. I'm also jealous that every time I come to your blog I see the blockquotes ! I'm still frustrated from the other day lmao.

    1. Thanks Tika! Well if the guy I'd be getting married to was Hugh Jackman or something, I wouldn't say no lol! Oh gosh, I'm actually stressed that my reviews are actually short haha! We gotta work on your blog's blockquotes girl. They need to get together, pronto.

  2. Thanks for the nomination on the TenBookChallenge :) I also loved your idea of using quotes so I did the same! Here is my post if you're interested:


    1. You're welcome, Jennie! Can't wait to read your list :D


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