02 January 2015

I should've done this post before the New Year came on, but there was a lot of stuff going on with preparing for NYE with the family, and lots of other stuff. (Okay, no, not really. Half the day I was actually just lounging, playing Bakery Story on my phone -- DON'T JUDGE ME) *cowers*

So I've had a couple of things in mind that I should absolutely do or change this year... Although I'm not really big on listing down resolutions... but I got this idea from Joyous Reads, so I thought that maybe, listing down stuff would help ease my mind a bit, and I know I might not even be able to do at least half of the stuff I'm about to list, but it's worth a shot, right?

2015 GOALS
(More like "To-Do List of 2015")
*in no particular order

  • BE FIT (Definitely mandatory)
  • Be diverse on the blog (Read and review more YA, NA, Paranormal, General Fiction etc.)
  • Write shorter and straight to the point reviews
  • Explore more topics and posts for the purpose of blog variety
  • Discover more blogs and comment a whole lot
  • Buy more books
  • GET A JOB (So I can earn money to buy more books and concert tickets) [Also mandatory]
  • GET ORGANIZED (With everything!)
  • Blog Remodel Vol. 3
  • DRAW MORE and frequently update the Deviant-art account
  • WRITE MORE poetry and continue short stories that I've left behind
  • Quit, or perhaps, attempt to procrastinate less 
  • Smile, be happy and go with the flow. 

I really want to get at least half of these accomplished, so I'm gonna be crossing my fingers that I get motivated enough to actually work on these. I'm looking forward to another great year with you all. From the bottom of my heart, I love you all! 


  1. Happy New Year, Blessie! Good luck with your goals this year. :)

    1. Thank you, Joy! Happy New Year to you too! I hope you don't mind me using your style on this post. :D

  2. Happy New Year Blessie! Best of luck with all of the goals!

    1. Thank you! Happy New Year to you too! :D Thanks for stopping by! :)

  3. Happy New Year!! Hope you accomplish your goals :D Be fit and get organised is definitely also on mine .... *cough cough

    1. Thank you, C! Happy New Year to you and the Fangirling Misses as well! ;D Yeah, "Be Fit" is mandatory, lol.

  4. Great To list for 2015, Blessie! It's so much easier to get things accomplished that way.:) Also, I making it allowed to say Happy New Year within the first week on the new year, because honestly, it's just silly that the new year stop after the first day in January! :P

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I just randomly listed out stuff off the top of my head and I really hope to accomplish them. And yeah, I know a lot of people who'd be saying "Happy New Year" even in the next month, lol. Thanks for stopping by! :D


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