MISCHIEVOUS MUSINGS: The Despairs of Being a Moody Reader

09 December 2015

Book blogging is a tedious job. Granted, we don't exactly get paid, but I still consider it as a job. There's a whole list of stuff to do: Read ARCs, back listed review copies, write reviews, post book tours: a whole LOT of schedules and deadlines. I can't even catch up with myself. I'm either ahead or way behind schedule. There is no in-between. 

But what sucks more is when I can’t bring myself to read a book, just because I'm just not in the zone. Which ends up with cramming or missing the release/tour date (which is totally an unprofessional thing to do). In short, I'm a moody reader. I can't make myself read a Fantasy book when I'm still hungover a Contemporary Romance. It's like trying to work out on the day of your period, it just doesn't work (weird analogy, I know). 

And as much as we I want to be like Matilda, speeding through books like it's her everyday job, I just can't. So, for those who are not or claim to not be moody readers, here's a look in our everyday life so you can definitely sympathize with us. Your hugs are totally welcome.

1. When themed TBR lists do NOT go your way.  

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Spring TBR? Fall TBR? Winter TBR? Halloween TBR? Sure, I’ve got a list to read. And I totally finish before the next themed month. *looks at the floor and shuffles feet awkwardly* yip. 

Instances where I failed so terribly would be the time I wanted to read Fantasy books for a month, but ended up reading just one book (because it took me nearly two months to finish) is pretty common. Exhibit A: Red Queen (2 months). Exhibit B: Cinder (2 and a half). And exhibit C: A Court of Thorns and Roses (3 months). Totally don’t wanna admit that Fantasy turns me into such a super slow reader. Don’t judge me. 

Obviously, I would massively fail TBR challenges if I ever decided to join, which brings me to my point number 2. 

2. TBR Schedules and ARCs a.k.a. “I’ll read it tomorrow.” (Also correlated to number 1)

For someone who’s trying to be an organized person (but is massively failing), creating a timeline is easy, but following it, is not. Have you met me? I'm queen of procrastination. I put the 'pro' in procrastinator (or at least I think I do), but of course, my logical, sensible self would often say, "Read it now, or else you'll regret it later," to which I'll say, "Okay!" and the moment I pick it up, and probably reach 10% or when the gods permit, at least 45% of the book, I'd be like "Meh, I’ll continue tomorrow”, then pick up something else that’s more under my radar (ya nasties know what I’m talking about *winks*).

At the end of the day, I’d end up crouched at the corner of the room with a pint of ice cream, sulking because I just effed up my life. 

3. The Never Ending TBR pile because, let’s be honest, we all need to be in a Book Buying Ban.

I should be banned from bookstores, because 80% of my purchases this year have remained unread and collecting dust on my bookshelf. But that’s definitely not gonna stop me from buying more… right? Riiiiiight. 

4. The dreaded “I’ll Get Back to You Later” pile. 

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Contrary to popular belief, this is much worse than the Never-ending TBR pile. Why? Because sooner or later, you’re gonna lose interest, and never find out how Percy Jackson kills Voldemort (Wait, wrong book. Oops). 

I’ve got 10 books on my pile right now! And why I never finish, I have no idea. It’s just there, sitting in the corner of my room, silently judging me because I simply left them with a promise of returning… just like 70% of failed relationships. Oops, too soon? 

5. When you have no idea what to read next and end up in a massive reading slump. 

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Logically, how is this even possible? There’s so many places to choose from. There’s the TBR pile, and the 'I’ll Get Back to You Later' pile, but noooooooooo, there’s nothing, and I mean NOTHING, that’s calling out your name. Even old favorites that are worthy of rereads don’t even appeal anymore! Even ARCs that you’ve been dying to read ever since they landed on your doorstep are now giving you the “meh” vibe. 

It’s like a terrible flu but there’s no cure… or maybe there is, and we’re just not aware. Reading slumps just hit us, all of a sudden and they either stay for a day or a couple that would turn into weeks, and god forbid, months (oh jeebus, better call the SWAT team now), but they're definitely bound to disappear sooner or later. The question is, how? How do you even recover? I have no idea. 

My only guess is to try to offer coffee and chocolate to the bookish gods. That's at least going to count as a possible cure.

Now, if these all apply to you, then obviously you're a part of our team. Congratulations. You've earned the Moody Reader Ribbon *throws bacon confetti*. If not, we'd totally want your understanding and hugs. But hugs are a priority. Definitely mandatory.

Now, homework: 
Are you a moody reader? Share your troubles below and help out a fellow moody reader!