Enamor by Veronica Larsen — "Enemies. Lovers. Roommates."

22 November 2015

Enamor (Hearts of Stone #3)
by Veronica Larsen (Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook)
Self published on November 19th, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Contemporary
Edition: eARC (279 pages)
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He’s infuriating on purpose. She’s too irresistible when she hates him.

The first step in solving a problem is recognizing there’s one to begin with. Here’s mine. My new roommate is a conceited, womanizing jerk. He pushes my buttons and drives me so crazy I want to strangle him daily.

There’s a million reasons why I should stay far away from him, the most obvious of which being that I hate him with the fire of a thousand suns. Except that I don’t hate him.

I sometimes wonder if this back-and-forth between us is all just pretend. All part of a diversion, a line of defense against the heat we generate whenever we are near each other.

It's a reckless game we're playing, treading the edge of an attraction so intense it might as well be a grenade.

What I adore about this author's writing style is the absence of repetition and redundancy in her romance novels. Veronica Larsen's writing style has grown tremendously from her debut novel, Entangle, which is followed by the heroine's younger sister's story in Entice, and in spite of her soon-to-be released novel being a somewhat prequel; Enamor can stand on its own and definitely outdid its predecessors.

[In this novel] Larsen takes us through her own take of a fun yet blazing "How I Met Your Mother" story with Julia and Giles (introduced as Alex's couple friends in Entangle), from frenemies truces to best friends falling in love. A common story plot it may be but Veronica Larsen's takes you deeper through an emotional roller coaster from Julia and Giles's stories as individuals to the progression of their relationship.

"It's the worst kind of torture, realizing you're hopelessly in love with your best friend."

Juliajust like the rest of the ladies of the Hearts of Stone seriesis a strong heroine. She's a feisty one but her fierceness is perfectly balance with a massive vulnerability which gives her so much depth, a perfect fit for Gilesboth lost souls, in need of patching up. They're both headstrong characters that appear to clash head on at first, however, in spite of their rocky beginning, the chemistry between [Julia and Giles] is definitely undeniable, even though these two hated each other's guts from the moment they first met.

Who'd have thought that the person who infuriated you so much was the person fall in love with in the end?

"You do realize I hate you..."
"I know."
"I'd strangle you if I had the energy."
"I don't doubt it."

Don't get me wrong, this book is not full on emotional drama. Sure, there's a whole lot of steamy, sexy, and a deep level of angst, but what I enjoyed the most is the friendship that bloomed between the two, which, as funny as it sounds, stemmed from their distaste of one another. The dynamic between Julia and Giles is incredible, especially during their 'frenemies' phase as they try to drive each other crazy with their hilarious antics, and ridiculous tricks and schemes that will leave you giggle snorting.

"Love does make you stupid, [...] but it's the good kind of stupid. [...] It's naive and a little crazy. But it feels so damn good."

Veronica Larsen definitely outdid herself (and a lot other New Adult books) with Enamor. It's a lighter feel from her previous works, but it doesn't stray too far from her usual style. [Enamor], by far, is the best book this author has ever written. It's a beautiful, heartwarming, emotional, and hilarious best friends to lovers romance that will make your heart clench and soar. Let's not forget the giggle snorting and will also probably give you diabetes from the sweetness overload.

Just make sure you've got some medication ready. Hah!

*I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.
**Quotes are taken from the uncorrected copy of the novel and are subjected to change. 

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