TOP TEN TUESDAY: My Pumpkin Spice Latte TBR

22 September 2015

Wonderful Tuesday, lovelies!

I've been MIA for a couple of weeks, because it's one of those days due to certain circumstances, but I'm fine now, I guess. I missed book tours and blitzes; my pending reviews list growing since I had no urge to do any actual work; got a lot of books stashed in the DNF pile because nothing had the power to pull me out of my slump. I also didn't get to go to the much awaited book signing of the year (Colleen Hoover and the gang), and conventions I've been look forward to, so that sucks too. So, I resorted to films and instantly got hooked with the TV show, Arrow, which led me to a 3-4 day binge watch of all 3 seasons. Yep. I have no life. 

So, it's September. Fall season (at least in most countries). I'm insanely dying of jealousy sad that we don't have Fall in this tropical extremely rainy "paradise" I live in. Which means, no pumpkin spice lattes, orange leafy decorations, crunchy leaves that do the thing when you step on them, Halloween. Absolutely none of those. But to commemorate the season that makes everyone feel all warm and cozy and Starbucks-y, here's my TBR which I hope would bring warm, fuzzy feelings to the heart... or not.

*Images will lead to Goodreads*

Yes, I am one of the few unfortunate ones who hasn't read the Throne of Glass series yet, and don't I feel terribly out of place when everyone on Twitter is raving about Queen of Shadows, and I'm on my own, silent as a bug, trying to read A Court of Thorns and Roses--which I'm enjoying very well, thank you very much.

What's on your TBR list this Fall season?