BOOK REVIEW: Entice by Veronica Larsen

25 May 2015

Entice (Hearts of Stone #2)
by Veronica Larsen (Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter)
Self Published on May 25th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC (251 pages)
Source: Author via Flirty Subs PR
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A story of reconciling the past with the present in order to glean new beginnings. Entice is a sexy, humorous, second-chance love story.

Turns out I’ve been faking being an adult.
My job? My apartment? The pretty life I've built?

Let's just say I've made some mistakes.

I'm knee-deep in the mess I've made when I find him. Tall, dark-haired, and rough around the edges. The boy I never noticed is all grown up, in all the right ways. And he's not about to let me forget it.

He can try to pretend he's immune to our attraction. I'm trained in the art of persuasion and I love a challenge.

But how can he know the answers to questions I haven't thought to ask? I’ve been putting out fires, fighting like crazy to get my life back on track. And this man? He acts like he knows who's holding the match.

Maybe there's no such thing as mistakes.
What if it's all just sabotage?

Entice can be read as a standalone, but contains major spoilers to Entangle. 

Veronica Larsen has done it again! When I read the first book to the Hearts of Stone series, I was completely caught off guard by Entangle and didn't expect to enjoy it so much. I devoured it in a single night, hence, I had high hopes for her second book, Entice, and gladly, I was granted with another awesome book. (Woohoo!)

Veronica Larsen's writing is still fantastic as ever. Told in first person, in the perspective of Emily Stone, [Larsen] once again brings forth a story of romance and self discovery; passionate, intense and especially pertinent to those conflicted in regards of self-worth and self-preservation.

Introduced in the first novel as the heroine's younger sister, Emily now has her own story to tell in Entice. Out of a job due to her lack of self control when it comes to annoying ass hats, also known as her boss' clients, plus the fact that she's close to becoming homeless, Emily moves back to San Diego for the mean time to get her life sorted out, though meeting up with an old acquaintance wasn't in her agenda.

When I was a teenager, I would look at people in their twenties and think they had everything figured out. Then I got to my twenties and realized it's an illusion. It's people in their thirties that are the real grownups; they're the ones that have their shit in line.

Emily is a character I knew I would absolutely relate to, especially already having met her in the previous book. She's snarky, sarcastic, with inappropriate humor and lack of filter as her best friends, which is epically hilarious for someone who's an attorney. And boy, does she sound like a person I would totally love to hang out with.

However, here comes the twist; regardless of how much of a potty mouth Emily may be and strong demeanor, she's a very broken character, especially hailing from a messy childhood due to an alcoholic and druggie mother. The moment she's stepped out of graduate school, she thinks she's got life figured out, but when everything takes a toll and goes downhill, she's knows she's going to have a hard time trying to get out of the whole mess.

"I don't like to fail. Even if I seem to be pretty good at it."

As much as I would love to talk about Emily's love interest, I would rather not spoil, however, he is a character that I very much enjoyed reading about and the perfect match for Emily. The romance is something to look forward to, although it kind of starts with a little bit of. It's a slow build up; undeniably sexy with a whole lot of tension.

Another thing I enjoyed while reading Entice is how it's like a companion novel to the first book, Entangle. The time frame in Entice begins pretty much at the 60%-70% mark of Entangle, hence, the character and scene crossovers. Well, basically, this just means, you need to read the first book before you head on to this just so you can get the full experience.

Entice was a wonderful novel, and I loved every bit of it... just the same as how I felt with Entangle, perhaps a little bit more. I felt for Emily and found her to be a very relatable and an admirable character. I adored the dynamic romance between Emily and her lover, and her relationship with her sister. Everything is just so on point and the wait for this second book was definitely worth it.

Now, if there would be a third book, I'm also most definitely excited for that!

*I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.

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