BOOK REVIEW: Flirting With Disaster by Victoria Dahl

03 February 2015

Flirting With Disaster (Jackson: Girl's Night Out #2)
by Victoria Dahl (Goodreads, Website, Twitter)
Published by Harlequin HQN on January 27th, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Romance
Format: eARC (384 Pages)
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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There's no hiding from sizzling chemistry… 

Artist Isabelle West has good reasons for preferring a solitary life. Tucked away in a cabin in the woods, she has everything she needs . . . except a red-hot love life. That is, until a hard-bodied U.S. marshal threatens to unearth secrets she's spent years protecting. But giving in to the sparks flying between them can only lead to one thing…disaster.

Tom Duncan lives by the letter of the law. But no one has tempted him—or confused him—more than free-spirited Isabelle, who arouses his suspicion and his desire. As their connection grows, and their nights get hotter, they find their wild attraction might shake everything he stands for—and expose everything she has to hide.

Victoria Dahl is definitely one of my favorite contemporary romance authors, her works are a perfect balance of sweet, sexy and angsty. Girl's Night Out is a spin off to the Jackson Hole series, and after reading the first book, Looking For Trouble, I knew this series is going to be one of my favorites. The series features a small town group of middle aged women as they tackle friendships, personal issues and most especially, their love life.

In Flirting With Disaster, Victoria Dahl once again brings you another set of lovable characters with excessive amount of chemistry and dark secrets that will keep you on your toes as you read through.

Introduced in the first book as an artist -- an anatomical painter, specifically -- Isabelle West is the kind of character who seems to be a hermit and a homebody. However, she's actually a fiesty, free-spirited heroine who won't take crap from anyone. At the beginning of the book, she appears to be such a prickly character and doesn't easily warm up to people. But she's got a good reason for her actions, which is because of a terrible past that has caused her to have trust issues, even though she's already made a couple of girlfriends in town.

When US Marshall Tom Duncan suddenly appears on her doorstep out of the blue, she's terrified she must have already been found out and is bound to be taken in anytime soon, but when he claims a different reason for his arrival, she doesn't know whether to trust him or to attempt to run again. But her actions have struck Tom's curiosity and he's now bound to find out more about her.

Victoria Dahl's characters are absolutely appealing with realistic personalities; flaws and all. I love how Isabelle's character beings out a different take on middle aged women. She exhudes a confident vibe and is absolutely comfortable in her own skin and her sexuality. Kudos to Dahl for writing about strong women! Meanwhile, Tom Duncan is such a lovable hero. For a person of authority, he's actually a very sweet person with a cute and shy personality who blushes all the time. I love how his character is not the typical alpha male who tends to be domineering and controlling. He was basically a breath of fresh air when to comes to male characters.

The whole plot was unique due to the amount of drama and suspense included, particularly about Isabelle's past. I truly felt for her character, especially when her secrets start to unveil. And not only did I enjoy reading about Tom and Isabelle's relationship which was undeniably hot and explosive; the inclusion of side stories about the minor characters, specifically Isabelle's neighbor, Jill, was also a refreshing addition to the story, plus the fact that she's a member of the LGBT.

The only thing I didn't like was the sudden ending and how they easily reconciled at the end, as if I missed a huge chunk of the story inbetween. But regardless that, I definitely enjoyed this book as much as I did with the first one.

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***Thank you to Harlequin HQN Books and Netgalley for the ARC opportunity. 


  1. It has been so long since I read anything by Dahl. Great review, I'll have to pick up a copy for myself!

    1. I love contemporaries by Victoria Dahl, and yes, go get a copy and enjoy this smexy read! ;D

      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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