Mischievous Reads is BACK!

24 September 2020

Knock knock, is anyone still here?

This year has been such a bitch but I really hope every single one of you is safe and healthy in the comfort of your homes. COVID and being in quarantine has made me think really deeply about things — about the stuff I want to do in life — and because my introverted self, too, has boundaries when it comes to dealing with isolation (I get bored too, hah!). I've come to realize that I really do miss blogging and sharing with you all my thoughts and feelings about the things I enjoy or maybe stuff that I have so much to say about. So here I am, once again, making another attempt at a comeback and I'm hoping that it's going to stick (staying on track and keeping focused are some of the things I'm still struggling to learn). 

So yes, I am officially coming back to blogging after being away for over two years! But just a quick life update: I got a job promotion in April 2018; I adopted a black cat that's turned into a very ungrateful princess named Lucy a year later... and I guess that's all that happened to me in the two years I was away. Hashtag shame.  

Okay, so back to the business of going back into blogging, I'll have to once again relearn how to juggle both my job and blogging but I'll have to pace myself a bit. Probably avoid book tours and just keep things simple for a while. But gosh, I am so stoked to be back on here with kind of a new look that I've designed (quarantine really makes you want to do so much, huh?). I really am proud of this new design and I hope you guys like it too! A massive thanks to Soleilflare Designs on Etsy for being so incredible! 

I'm also officially going to start talking about not just books, but also movies, TV series, and fanfiction favourites — I've been wanting to get into these for so long so I'm really excited to finally put my thoughts into paper. 

And as much as I want to celebrate my not-so-glamorous return with an international giveaway, I wouldn't be able to do so because of coronavirus border restrictions. But I promise that once things are okay, I'll make sure to get that up on the blog!

Anyway, if you guys are still interested in joining me in this journey, feel free to subscribe via email (you can find this on my sidebar on top of my face, LOL). I hope I don't disappoint this time around!