Mischievous Reads in 2015: The Best of Everything!

04 January 2016

It's finally 2016, and although 2015 wasn't much of a productive year for me, I'm still very thankful to all the things that had happened in the past year. I definitely had a lot of wonderful times in the blogosphere, especially on Twitter. I made new friends and visited more blogs, got addicted to more music and discovered the beauty of binge watching TV shows, and so much more!

I also did a couple of side projects, starting with graphic designs for some of my friends and I'm so overwhelmed and grateful for their appreciation for my work (Thank you!), and my favorite would definitely have to be my latest work which just went live a few days ago. Check out The Hardcover Lover to see!

Last 2014, I went overboard and was a little overachiever with my books, so my Goodreads challenge goal was 190 books (194 out of 190), which, I did manage to complete. In 2015, I went with 100 books, which I surprisingly didn't stress about this time. And yay! 107 books out of 100. Not bad, eh?

So this post is where I share with you every awesome thing I've come across in 2015, in books, music, movies, TV, ship (???), you name it! So, this might be a long post, so bear with me!


I tried to pick one for each category, but I just couldn't. So, here are my favorite reads of the year, from Young Adult to New Adult, and Adult romance (some are backlisted titles which I read this year).
And, yes, I read too much Contemporary, particularly, New Adult Romances, because it's always been my go-to. And yessssss, I know my goal was to read more Fantasy books this year (and don't worry, I did read some... maybe two, ehe), which I failed, massively, but I would definitely try harder this year. Fosho.

If you guys are into New Adult *cough*smut*cough* like me, you guys need to pick up the books I've got up there. You won't regret it. Cross my heart. 



I know 1989 came out last year, but I'll never stop being obsessed over Taylor's latest album. It's basically the BEST OF THE BEST of all TSwift albums to date!

Hozier came out of nowhere and smacked me in the face with his impeccable music. The moment I heard Take Me To Church and Someone New, I just had to get his album. Every single song in his album blew me away. So did, Misterwives. Reflections had me dancing, and so did every single track in their happy hippie-indie album.

Let's not forget Sam Smith's Stay With Me that captured every single person alive and had everyone bawling. As a matter of fact, the whole album had me bawling.

Fall Out Boy is a never-ending obsession, just like TSwift, and they keep making awesome songs, again and again, and again. Fave tracks would be... um? Everything?!

Rap/Hip-hop/R&B will always have a special place in my heart. I love me some Kendrick Lamar, Chris Brown, T-Pain, Tyga, Drake and lots more peeps, but Fetty Wap just swooped in and called me his Trap Queen sooooo... Every single track in this album got me all hype. Perfect for turning up, hah!


Inside Out was awesome. Don't deny it. We all cried when Bing Bong faded into darkness and told Joy to "take Riley to the moon for me". And we've all been dying to see Mockingjay Part 2 ever since the first trailer came out, and although it's a little anticlimactic, I still loved seeing my baby girl, Jlaw on screen. *grabby hands*

Also, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Kickass. Need I say more? 



Around August, I had the sudden urge to watch a TV series from the beginning, and Arrow caught my eye. And guess what happened? Three days/nights of no sleep because I binge-watched all three seasons (23 x 3 = 69 EPISODES!!!) non-stop and I. Was. Hooked. Addicted. Obsessed.

During my binge-watch, I pretty much tweeted non-stop about the show, and have convinced at least 5 people to watch the show because of my tweets, hah! Other than that, I've got people vicariously watching the show through my extreme enthusiasm and outbursts all over Twitter. 

My fascination for Joseph Morgan as Klaus Mikaelson in The Vampire Diaires/The Originals shifted to Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen in Arrow. I mean, I still love my diabolical Klaus, but how can you not love brooding, adorable, sexy Oliver Queen?

And let's not forget the ever adorable Emily Bett Rickards who play Felicity Smoak. And from obsessively shipping Klaroline (Klaus x Caroline of The Vampire Diaires), Olicity (Oliver x Felicity) happened and ruined my life. (SHOUTOUT TO ALL OLICITY FANS!!!) Fanfictions were my go-to, until Season 4 finally kicked off (that's a lie. I still read a whole lot of Fanfiction).

Pretty much, right now, I'm ugly sobbing excitedly waiting for the 21st for the next episode, because the mid-season finale broke so many hearts, and I can still hear mine slowly shattering.

I did also watch The Flash, and I loved it... but not as much as Arrow, but I'm definitely excited for Legends of Tomorrow! Can't wait for the next episodes!

If you aren't watching Arrow, or haven't watched a single episode.... What are you doing with your life? GO. WATCH IT!!!! And fangirl with me *cries*

So there you have it! My 2015 Obsessions/Favorites and I can't wait to see what's going to be in store for me this 2016. I'll be starting a new job and I hope it won't take me away completely from blogging because I love what I do here, and this blog is my baby.  I'm going to need more self-discpline, so I can balance both work and the blog. However, I'm going to have to blog less than usual. But I'll try my best to keep up with all the trends, especially in the book community!

Cheers to wonderful things that awaits us all in 2016!