BOOK TOUR REVIEW: Chaos by Jamie Shaw + Excerpt & Giveaway!

21 July 2015

Chaos (Mayhem #3)
by Jamie Shaw
Published by Avon Impulse on July 21st, 2015
Genres: New Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Music
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via Edelweiss

From the moment she saw Shawn Scarlett perform at a school talent show, Kit Larson has loved two things: the guitar, and the gorgeous, green-eyed boy who inspired her to play. But one careless night in high school shatters her hope of ever being more than a notch on his bedpost.

Six years, two bands, and one mostly-mended heart later, Kit’s about to make her rock star dreams a reality as the new guitarist for Shawn’s band, The Last Ones to Know. He may not remember their reckless night together, but Kit has never forgotten… and she’s determined to make him eat his heart out.

The release of their new album means a month cooped up on a tour bus, sleeping inches away from the ridiculously sexy musician she’s never quite gotten over. And as Kit gets to know the real Shawn—not Shawn Scarlett, the rock god, the player—their attraction becomes too hot to resist. But the past is paved with secrets, and when they finally surface, Kit could lose everything: the band, the music, her dreams… and Shawn.

Rockstar romances are my new guilty pleasure, and should be yours too. After having read Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series, I immediately fell in love with the trope. Though, pretty much, the rockstar trope is usually a good girl-bad boy romance, Chaos has its own pretty little twist in the usual trope and made me want a rockstar for myself.

This time, the heroine isn't an outsider, or a groupie, or a non-fan (as what they usually are) but a member of the band. Kit is the brand new guitarist of the rock band The Last Ones to Know. There's just one little detail she forgot to mention when she auditioned for the position. The other guitarist of the band, Shawn Scarlett, used to be her high school crush and at one point, hooked up with her once, way back when she was fifteen... but he doesn't remember that.

One thing I love about Chaos is that the heroine is a rockstar and a kickass guitarist. Basically, for once, I've never read about a girl rockstar before. Though I've read stories of the heroine being one of the boys, a rockstar isn't being one of them. Kit is a cool heroine, all edgy and a tough nut to crack, but at the same time, she's also sweet and vulnerable, especially when it comes to her family and Shawn.

On the other hand, Shawn is definitely on my book boyfriends list. A total rock god, but a sweetheart deep inside. From a party boy rockstar back in high school to a mature game player the moment the band started growing big, Shawn is the brains and parent of the band. Although at first he may come off as a jerk, he's actually a total sweetheart.

The romance itself was an inbetween of a slow burn and an insta-love, as one of the characters had already been infatuated in the first place, but a friendship actually took place between the couple. It's sweet and teasing, with the right amount of steam and sexy. Kit and Shawn made me giggle, and also made me feel bad, and downright pissed, but Jamie Shaw didn't let me down, and made me feel good again in the long run.

I've never been the type to read a series out of order, no matter how much of a standalone they are. I hate being clueless about secondary characters and couples in books, which kind of makes me unable to keep track with the personalities of the various characters. However, when reading Chaos, even without having read the previous books, did not give me a hard time in trying to connect with the others, particularly, the rest of the band members; Adam, Joel and Mike.

And not only did Jamie Shaw did a great job in character personalization, she also did not forget to write in great detail about the life of a rockstar; the practices, tours, night trips, performances and backstage action. I actually felt as if I was really part of the band, hah!

Chaos is my first novel of Jamie Shaw, and will certainly not be my last, as I also want to make sure I read the first two books of the series to know about Adam and Joel's stories.

If you've read Kylie Scott's Stage Dive series and enjoyed it, you'll also love this one. It's fun, flirty, with a little bit of drama and angst, but come on, who doesn't love a mix of those? Great story with great characters, you shouldn't miss out on this one!

*I received a review copy courtesy of the author/publisher. This does not affect my opinion or views regarding the book whatsoever.


“That was a hundred years ago, Kale!” I shout at my closed bedroom door as I wiggle into a pair of skintight jeans. I hop backward, backward, backward—until I’m nearly tripping over the combat boots lying in the middle of my childhood room.

“So why are you going to this audition?”

I barely manage to do a quick twist-and-turn to land on my bed instead of my ass, my furrowed brow directed at the ceiling as I finish yanking my pants up. “Because!”

Unsatisfied, Kale growls at me from the other side of my closed door. “Is it because you still like him?”

“I don’t even KNOW him!” I shout at a white swirl on the ceiling, kicking my legs out and fighting against the taut denim as I stride to my closed door. I grab the knob and throw it open. “And he probably doesn’t even remember me!”

Kale’s scowl is replaced by a big set of widening eyes as he takes in my outfit—tight, black, shredded-to-hell jeans paired with a loose black tank top that doesn’t do much to cover the lacy bra I’m wearing. The black fabric matches my wristbands and the parts of my hair that aren’t highlighted blue. I turn away from Kale to grab my boots.

“That is what you’re wearing?”

I snatch up the boots and do a showman’s twirl before plopping down on the edge of my bed. “I look hot, don’t I?”

Kale’s face contorts like the time I convinced him a Sour Patch Kid was just a Swedish Fish coated in sugar. “You’re my sister.”

“But I’m hot,” I counter with a confident smirk, and Kale huffs out a breath as I finish tying my boots.

“You’re lucky Mason isn’t home. He’d never let you leave the house.”

Freaking Mason. I roll my eyes.

I’ve been back home for only a few months—since December, when I decided that getting a bachelor’s degree in music theory wasn’t worth an extra year of nothing but general education requirements—but I’m already ready to do a kamikaze leap out of the nest again. Having a hyperactive roommate was nothing compared to my overprotective parents and even more overprotective older brothers. Pair that with Kale, who always knows what I’m thinking even when I’d rather keep it to myself, and I’m pretty sure I need to figure out what the hell I’m doing with my life or accept that eventually the white coats will need to drive out to retrieve me.

“Well, Mason isn’t home. And neither is Mom or Dad. So are you going to tell me how I look or not?” I stand back up and prop my hands on my hips, wishing my brother and I still stood eye to eye. A growth spurt in high school gained him a few inches over me, and now he’s almost as tall as the rest of our brothers, even if he is a whole lot lankier. At five foot eight, I have to tilt my chin to glare at him.

Sounding thoroughly unhappy about it, Kale says, “You look amazing.”

A smile cracks across my face a moment before I grab my guitar case from where it’s propped against the wall. As I walk through the house, Kale trails after me.

“What’s the point in dressing up for him?” he asks with the echo of our footsteps following us down the hall.

“Who says it’s for him?”


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Born and raised in South Central Pennsylvania, Jamie Shaw earned her M.S. in Professional Writing before realizing that the creative side of writing was her calling. An incurable night-owl, she spends late hours crafting novels with relatable heroines and swoon-worthy leading men. She's a loyal drinker of white mochas, a fierce defender of emo music, and a passionate enthusiast of all things romance. She loves interacting with readers and always aims to add new names to their book boyfriend lists.