BOOK REVIEW: Permanent Ink by Laura Simcox

09 August 2014

Permanent Ink (Something to Celebrate #2)
by Laura Simcox
Published by Entangled: Edge on August 4th, 2014
Genres: Romance, Contemporary
Format: eARC
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Blair Whitaker has one goal: get the hell out of Celebration, NY. Her ticket out is helping the town take the grand prize in a parade contest, which will ensure she lands her dream job. It's a win-win.

Standing in the way is Ben Lambert, a sexy, local tattoo artist whose smile makes her weak. To win the contest, she'll have to sideline his plans for the tattoo festival the town council allowed on the same weekend. But trying to thwart Ben is more than she bargained for, and before she knows it, she's starting to see Celebration–and Ben–as something more than a temporary distraction.

But Blair's in too deep to change directions now. Celebration is behind the parade contest, the mayor revokes the tattoo festival permit, and Blair is on the cusp of getting everything she'd planned. But coming clean will turn Ben against her for good, and going forward means losing what she really wants and hurting the town she's grown to love.

***ARC courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for honest review

I thought that this was going to be one of those stories with violence and dark secrets and whatnot, but instead we got a sweet love story between a tattooed guy and a slightly obsessive compulsive girl. This book is definitely one of those that made me scream in anguish when I finished because this was just so cute and so awesome that I didn't want it to be over. I love everything about this book. 

This is the second installment to the "Something to Celebrate" series (I haven't read the first book yet, but I'm excited to) and it features Blair Whitaker, who travels to Celebration, a small town in New York to live with her aunt and cousin. Terribly, she's in need of a job, and she manages to land the event planner job at the town council. She joins the town in a parade contest with a prize of fifty grand and an internship for the event planner at one of the biggest event planning agencies in New York - her key to success. But she's to work side by side with Ben Lambert, a tattoo artist and he's also preparing to host his big tattoo festival, InkFest, which would interfere with Blair's plans to getting that prize internship. 

Blair Whitaker is  the typical working girl who dreams of success. She's an obsessive compulsive, very organized and actually follows a "to-do" list. She's not exactly a striking lead character, but her quirks and antics are funny and a perfect contradiction to Ben's "bad boy" image. And to top that, she's a redhead. (I just love redheads so much) 

But Ben is not exactly a bad boy. He may be covered in tattoos but he's no delinquent. His passion towards the art of tattoo inking is very overwhelming. And not only is he a dedicated artist, he's also a sweet lover. He's definitely one of those guys who are always misjudged and misunderstood despite their big fat heart. I'd love a guy like Ben someday. (Hell, I'd love almost all the lead guys in every romance book I've read. Hah!)

What I like about this story that it's not just centered on Blair and Ben's love affair, but there are also other characters provided in the story that are unique and fun in their own way. Especially the hilarious love triangle between the senior citizens Lola Whitaker, Colleen Callahan and Bill Benson. There is interaction among almost all the minor characters and they do serve a purpose, unlike some novels where almost all the characters get so jumbled up, they end up being unnecessary additions to the plot. 

But other than the story being quite fast paced and a really quick happy ever after, I don't have any other complaints. 

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